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Files backed up. No viruses found. Computer seems to be working OK again, for now. It's showing it's age, I guess. It's been a pretty great machine, a real trooper, which is surprising since it came from a surplus store about eight years ago and looked like it has spent some time partially submerged in milk.

No getting around that I'll have to find some way of affording a new one soon, hopefully by way of a new job. I keep looking. Already both DVD drives are shot so, there's no loading new software unless I can download it. It's getting too old to run a lot of new software. I have an old copy of Photoshop and even it struggles with large files when working on my art. It's getting to that bubblegum and bailing wire stage. All I can do is hope it holds out awhile longer.

Fingers crossed.

Date: 2012-05-23 01:45 am (UTC)
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Glad to hear you've got it running again for the short term. My suggestion, over the next few weeks, check with some local people that you know (or semi-local fans of your work) and see if anyone upgraded to a new computer, and has an old one that's too nice to throw away, but doesn't have all the "bells and whistles" that modern ones do. People are GLAD to get rid of their old computers, all you have to do is catch someone at the right time.


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