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It's been a long time. I'm sorry. I've been in a very bad place which started with being fired from my job due to discrimination. Then there was a drawn out legal fight between my previous employer and myself over my ability to collect my unemployment insurance. I did finally win. However, it's not even enough to make rent each month and it's left me in very bad shape. I currently have about $10 to my name.

Needless to say, this did not help my depression, which no doubt has comes in large part from the reason I was discriminated against, and that I'm too poor to treat. With me, the deeper my depression and stress the harder it is for me to create. So, yeah, I haven't posted any art in some time for that reason. It's also why I'm behind on several commissions. I feel really terrible about this. Which, of course, adds to my depression and stress.

Basically, I'm a mess.

But, I'm trying to get back to something like normal. First thing I have to do is make next months rent. I can't in good conscience offer commissions until the ones I have are done. I am in the process of putting up art on my Etsy page here: Please keep checking there. Maybe you'll see something you like. If you'd like you could also use my donation button on the left side of my DA page or here: to drop me a couple bucks. Also on that page I'm selling lots of my collectible stuff.

Anyway, here's hoping I can do it. If not, the outlook's pretty bleak.
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Sunset view of the extra-dimensional planets (actually the little one is probably a moon of the bigger one) often visible though the spacetime "soft spot" near where I live. Guess the Project Wind Chime disaster of '58 did have some positives.
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If I can fill these commission slots I can make next month's rent (though just barely). Please spread the word?
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Just opened up 10 $20 commissions. First come first served.
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For those wondering here's my SDCC schedule:

Wed July 20th - I'll likely be at the Forgot What Day It Is booth for all of preview night.

Thursday July 21st - I plan to start the day at the Denial booth for a few hours, followed by a couple hours (1 pm to 3 pm) signing at the False Happiness booth. Undeniable Realizations has me as a guest for the rest of the day (3:30pm until closing).

Friday July 22nd - I'll be at the Deep Depression booth all day. I won't be signing though, or doing much else but being a fleshy lump and sighing every few minutes.

Saturday July 23rd - I'll be at the Can't Get Out of Bed booth until at least 2pm. I plan to wander aimlessly for awhile and then I'll be at Net Vegging booth until closing. Stop by. Tears start at 4pm.

Sunday July 24th - I'll be at the Gradual Acceptance booth most of the day. I hope to leave early and eat, sadly alone, at Steely Resolve.

Won't see you there!
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Apple Bloom is a big pony by *EddiePerkins on deviantART

You can find the others on my DA page. Now, on to some non-pony art.
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And it's at... 99 cents. FFFFFFFUUUUUUU

OK, here's the deal, go bid. If the price goes over $10 winner gets a pony sketch of any pony they want. If it goes over $20 I'll finish the sketch in full color. Winner will get the pencils and a high res digital file of the colors suitable for printing. If it goes over $30 well, I'll think of something.

So, get bidding, please. Remember, I just lost my job and am in desperate need of income.

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I just lost my job today and will be homeless by the 8th. Please help. Sale page: Art sale: Anything would help.

Special offer to help me not be homeless, use the Donation button on my Emergency Sale page ( or my DA page ( (or I think you can go here) and donate. Any donation of $5 or more, $6 or more outside the USA (sorry, postage costs more), will get a color print and sketch. Normally this combo goes for $10 or more. The color print can be seen here: and the sketch will be of the girl in the color print.

So, c'mon, you help out an artist in need and you get two pieces of art for as little as $5, though every bit counts even a buck or two more.
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I just lost my job and will be homeless by the 8th. Please help. Sale page: Art sale: Anything would help.
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Ten days left this month. Ugh. I swear I will have all outstanding commissions done by the end of the month or refunds plus the commission art go out...somehow. I have to be right about this. I have no money to use for refunds.
I absolutely have to get these done because I absolutely have to be able to take more commission orders because I have absolutely no money.
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2 hours left on my art auction. Please, for the love of god, I am so broke.
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Had a dream that I was as at San Diego Comic Con and worried because I forgot to tell work I wouldn't be in and I didn't have my phone And I didn't know the number anyway. Was worried I'd be fired. Then I woke up and realized that I won't be going to Comic Con this year, first one I'll miss in like 21 years, and I was sad. Being completely broke sucks donkey balls.

Speaking of being completely and totally broke, please, please, please check out my sale page my art shop and my art auction (only 2 days left).

I wish I could offer commissions too but I'm currently so stressed by constant eviction notices and literally not having a dollar to my name that I've been pretty blocked up art-wise. And every day that goes by that I don't have my backlog of commissions done just makes me stress more and more.

It's never ending.

Wish I wasn't a retard and could make ends meet like normal people.
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Guess I'm moving up in the world. People are ripping my art off. Here's my catwoman picture from waaaay back in '04 . Here's some one on DA named "VanishedDragonfly" ripping it off Feel free to spread the word and let them know what you think of art thieves.
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Let me sum it up for you, Hollywood.

1. People are broke right now and 3D costs too much extra.

2. Your movies are almost entirely shit. People can see shit in 3D in their back yards for free.

3. Let us reuse our damn glasses to save some money. Hell, even supermarkets knock off 5 cents if we use our own bags.

4. People don't want to pay extra for a gimmick. If 3D doesn't really add to the film people won't be interested.

5. You've burned almost every moviegoer with sub par movies and muddy, after the fact 2D to 3D conversions. How many times do you think you can piss in someone's Count Chocula before they switch to Frankenbarry?

Hollywood, if your 3D fails in the US it is your fault not ours.
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I was doing slightly OK last month. So what do I do? I blow my money buying toys for charity and spend time doing paintings for free for sad people when I have outstanding commissions (Yes, Heather, I'm almost done.) and could be making money off of new art. And now... I have $5. Literally, I have $5 to my name. I got hit with several unexpected yearly bills all this month and it wiped me out. So, hurray for continued poverty!

I do not want any charity. I feel like a bastard getting money for nothing. And I can't take any new commissions at the moment and won't until I have my backlog finished. But, if there is anything on my sale page or art shop you want now would be an excellent, excellent time.
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Well, I can mark Star of India in Chico, CA off my list of places to eat.

Recently got all new staff who seem absolutely incapable of keeping a water glass filled and seem more interested in seeing you leave than having you stay. Waiter yesterday took it to a new level wearing earbuds, because of course listening to music is more important than doing your job. Prices have gone up while selection has gone down. And to top it all off, yesterday I got some nasty food poisoning from eating there.

It's really too bad. The place was so good until recently.
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There any fans of old school My Little Pony out there who'd want to take a Baby Glory off my hands? It was a rather stupid impulse buy as a thank you for someone who once mentioned her Baby Glory was stolen when she was a kid. But, turns out she already had a replacement. Silly story, actually. has good pictures of her.

Thinking like $15? It's what I paid. I have no idea what the prices for classic ponies are. Hopefully that's a fair price. Now that I have the toy in front of me it really is in excellent condition. It's like it was never played with.

Edit: Never mind. Buyer found.
atomicpanda: (Default) <- Go here! Now! Only three hours left to bid on some very awesome art, much of which is selling for way too little. $10?! Seriously? Go now!
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Just finished this.

5x7 inch wood plaque.


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