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Dude's getting sent to prison for up to 15 years because of cartoons.

Scary thing, guy had a massive manga and anime collection and out of all of it he was charged with having "more than 150 but less than 300 such images." Images not whole books! Between 150 to 300 panels in his huge collection. Look though your collection. How many panels might be judged this way? How many years would you get? Keep in mind that, as Niel Gaiman points out, books like Lost Girls and the Sandman comics --who here didn't read Sandman?-- can land you in prison according to this. You're even more screwed if you have manga given that even kids comics in Japan will have panels with bare breasts and freaking panty shots god damn everywhere.

Even scarier, the "age" of these fictitious, non-existent, fantasy characters is up to the viewer. Anime and manga so often have characters that, due to their large heads and eyes, look young even though the character is much older. You know the character that isn't a fucking person anyway? Add to this that he probably did have porn and it's against the rules to show pubic hair in Japanese comics... Those of you who have any Japanese nudie drawing squirreled away, how old do you think the characters are? Now ask your self, the important question, how old would they look to right-wing, bible-thumbing hick from Iowa on your jury? Even, how old would said hick say the characters are in order to put some sinner who looks at 'the pornographys' in prison. Oh, think of the children!

Now, I don't know what the drawings this guy had were. I don't know how bad they were. They might be pretty terrible. I don't care. They are drawings. It just blows my mind that some one in America in 2009 can be going to prison for having drawings! You know, prison. That place for people who hurt other, real people.

And, yes, I know not everyone in Iowa is a right-wing, bible-thumbing hick, but you do have your share.


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