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Five years, five years after I drew the girly version of the Spirit Mars rover ( I've started on Opportunity or "Oppy" as JPL refers to her on the MarsRover Twitter account they've set up.

Spirit and Opportunity pretty much got their personalities from the two LJ accounts that pretended to be by the two rovers way back when. Neither is still updated. Five years is a dang long time to write a pretend rover journal, especially since the rovers were only supposed to last 90 days. Anyway, if you missed it they were and

Spirit came across as more, I dunno, angsty (she had a harder time than Opportunity) and Opportunity more perky. So, I dressed her more... I don't know if 'prepy' is the right term but a lot less Hot Topic than Spirit. Also thought I'd throw in a slight nod to Botticelli.

Anyway, think I might ink it in Flash. Been meaning to practice doing that. Or, I dunno. Maybe I'll do it traditional so I have something I can sell. Heck, both?
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Two part commission done! Took longer than I'd have liked but at least it's finished and I can get on to the next thing.

Each half is around 30 x 11 inches. The person who ordered it, I'm sure, didn't think they'd be this size but I wanted to do something special.

It's marker, watercolor and acrylic on thick, rag watercolor paper. Stuff was murder on markers. Hope he likes it. Think I might have some 'Bell tomorrow to celebrate.
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First half of a two part commission about half way done.


Just got to wait for it to dry then I can finish it. The second half will be the same size and kinda tie in with this part. Hope it turns out well. He's waited long enough.

Edit: By the way, that's an 18 inch ruler. So, these are pretty big.


Mar. 27th, 2009 02:42 am
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So tired. But, here's something. Cut due to naked, but tasteful, bits )

The inks will be for sale some how after work this afternoon. Jeez, look how late-- early it is! Might sell them on Etsy. Got to check their policy on art containing nudity first.
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So much is wrong with it but whatever. Better luck on the next one.

I might put the pencils up on Etsy. More likely, I'll ad some color to the inks and put them up.
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Rainy Day Spooky Cat. It's up on my Etsy page if anyone is interested.

In other news, it's a cold, gray, rainy day here. So, at least there's that to cheer me up. Thanks, weather. Thumbs up!

No, seriously. It's like I have reverse S.A.D. or something. I'm happier in this kind of weather than in warm sunny weather.

I'm not a freak!
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Sorry for my multipostifcation today. Last one, I promise since my totally out of shape drawing muscles are shaky and fatigued now. Got to whip them back into shape! Wussy drawing muscles!

Anyway, here's a good witch of some sort. Like, maybe $20 if anyone wants her?

Good Witch sketch by *EddiePerkins on deviantART
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1. Produce constantly and visibly.

The public has the memory of a goldfish. Hell, most of them will have forgotten the title of this post by the time to they get to this point. It almost doesn't matter who you are or how good you are or how popular you are, you need to have something new out there at the very least monthly, weekly would be better, or you'll be forgotten and you'll have to start building an audience again from scratch.

2. When in doubt about quantity versus quality, do both.

Rule one above mandates a large quantity of work. However, a pile of shit would have to be pretty damn big before it would draw attention. You've got to put the effort in to make anything you do the best you can do. If that feels too much like work then you should be doing something else.

3. Draw in the moment.

Do not let what might happen after you finish a piece affect your creation of it. Don't let worries of if it will sell or if anyone will like it take away your enjoyment of creating it.

4. Don't let the critics win even if you're one of them.

No matter how poorly your work is received, no matter how many flaws you find in it yourself, if you want to draw then draw. It's better to have your work critiqued than to be criticized or just plain ignored for doing nothing.

5. Don't shy away from inspiration.

Don't be afraid to try new things. Let your style evolve. Be flexible. Try new genres, new mediums. If you get the urge to create something you've never done before, do it. Your art guy just leveled up.

6. Improve.

I don't care who you are or how good your art is, you have room for improvement. Always remember that and always try to get better. Just remember rule #4. Don't let the knowledge that you are not as good as you could be depress you and keep you from drawing.

7. Have fun.

If it's not fun do something else.

Thats some of the advice I've given people over the years. Just what came to mind. Why I never take my own advice, I dunno. I should try.
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The restaurant near my place, the one who's septic system occasionally makes it smell like god farted on my apartment complex, has a new item on their menu. It's called "Fruit salad." No, it's not the fruit salad we're used to. It's more of a ... let's say a person new to English and American cuisine was asked for a fruit salad and they put the words "fruit" and "salad" together in their mind and voila, "fruit salad." Though, I don't know where the toast and ice cream comes from.

Yes, toast and ice cream.

Let me see if I can remember how it's written up on the menu,
A bed of crisp lettuce topped with fresh cut fruit and two scoops of ice cream or sherbet. Served with toast and your choice of dressing.
If that isn't bad enough, the menu includes a picture of it.

How is that supposed to work? Does the dressing go on the ice cream and fruit? What's the toast for? After much thought the only thing that I could possibly come up with to tie this monstrosity together was warmed up peanut butter over the whole mess. Now, hold on a sec, hear me out. Peanut butter is good in ice cream so I figure it must be good on ice cream. Peanut butter is good on toast. Peanut butter is good with jelly and jelly is made from fruit and peanut butter is ... supposedly good on celery and ... celery is kind of like lettuce? Sort of?

On second thought ...

What I'm wondering is, is this actually a recipe? I mean, is this something that is served anywhere else? Is this something the restaurant chef came up with when he was high or is it some wacky, I dunno, Midwestern dish? Could it be popular is some other country? Has anyone seen this offered before? Does anyone know of any other place that sells a plate of lettuce covered in fruit, covered in ice cream, covered in salad dressing with a side of toast?

If anyone actually reads this and cares, I can get a picture next time I'm in there. Not of the actual item, I'd never order it, but of the menu picture and description.

Speaking of things that don't work, me. I don't get this up and down mood thing. I was all jazzed up about working. Got a commission done and another half done then went bllllllaaaaaarrrrgg, flopped on the floor of my apartment like a beached whale.

No, I didn't actually flop on the floor like a beached whale but I might as well have.

I think why it happened is that I had time to see what I'd made and was depressed by how not so good it was. Yes, I know, "Shut up, Ed. It's good." I can't help that I'm my own biggest critic. I wish I could. I look at stuff I made and, even if I liked it when I first finished it, all I see is flaws. It's like my work gets worse as it ages. It's like soda going flat.

I realize that if I were working more and not taking the time to obsess about how shitty my art is, if I didn't give myself time between finishing drawing to really start hating the previous piece, I'd probably be pretty productive. I just worry that, working like that, I'd be 'that guy' the guy who's art never changes, the guy who's stuff always looks the same and even slowly gets worse, that guy who cranks stuff out and clearly doesn't give a damn. I don't want to be that guy. Unfortunately, that means I'm that other guy who has lots of ideas and says he's going to do things then doesn't do shit.

Anyway, I'll try and start again. I'll try and get something done today. Hopefully, it will be the hula commission, though, I do kinda want to do a Chiggers picture for [ profile] hopelarson.

Bottom line, if I don't have something finished and posted today I'll go eat a "Fruit salad."
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I like it. I see problems but, then again, I'm my own worst critic. A lot of the colors seemed too subtle for my scanner. But, anyway, there ya go. Used just about every medium I have that makes colored marks on paper. ^_^

On another subject, good lord, it's so damn hot here!
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My gothy / punky mermaid drawing from last post is for sale. $70 if anyone is interested.

I've also rethought my commission prices that I posted awhile back. I think I was...
A. Smoking crack.
B. Really not wanting to do commissions and was trying to scare people off.
C. A and B above.

Despite protests that I shouldn't undersell myself I've lowered my prices.

$20 pencil one character
$30 pencil two character

$50 ink one character
$70 ink two character

$70 color one character
$100 color two character

I'm going to go ahead and take two more commissions since I'll be done with my current one today. So, yeah, fire away. Just a heads up, I will turn down requests for things I just have no interest in drawing. Not very professional, I guess, but I'd rather do that than agree to do a commission and never get around to it due to having no desire to draw it. I'm doing it for you, folks.


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