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Halloween stuff is starting to show up in stores. I can feel my mood turning and a bit of hope and happiness creeping in. I love the 'ber' months. They're the very best third of the year. Autumn, why can't you stick around all year?

Weird dreams last night. Apparently, I felt like I needed to be special. First, I dreamed I was part of the Mythbusters team. I remember wondering why the people at work didn't recognize me from TV. I was glad they didn't, though. Then later, I dreamed I was Ron and Hermione's friend. There didn't seem to be a Harry around and I wasn't him. It was a short dream and nothing much happened. Pretty strange since I rarely have dreams with recognizable fictional characters in them. Might be because I'd just finished reading the whole series again and ever since have been wondering what to read next.

What should I read next?

This morning I realized something. I forget exactly what year I first went, but either next year or the year after will mark twenty years of going. ComicCon is my Hogwarts.

Also, today was that one day a week where I become a mad scientist, my own gastrointestinal tract being my beakers, Tesla coils and various menacing instruments. Too much Indian food, followed by too much Taco Bell sandwiched in between sheets of marshmallow Peeps and washed down with Mt. Dew. What horrors shall I unleash on unsuspecting, mortal man? Will there be torches and pitchforks outside my door tonight or will it just feel like torches and pitchforks on the way out?


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