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More to come, most likely.


Jul. 28th, 2008 08:49 pm
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It was a ten hour drive back so you'll have to forgive me for keeping this short. I'll post more tomorrow. I'll also get caught up on other people's posts tomorrow.

So, to keep it short, I'm home safe and sound. No car problems. No death. Spooky is fine and happy to see me. My town remains non-burned down.

The con went from being the worst but still fun to being just fun after that last post. Days later and I'm still squealing on the inside over the Avatar panel. I met up with friends. Gave out rocks. Discovered I wasn't persona non grata with people I thought I was with. Apparently being hated by everyone mostly is in my head.

I had so much sugar and caffeine yesterday that I gave myself a headache unlike any I'd had before. Not the worst, just different. A whole headache compressed and inserted into my right eyeball. Very interesting but would not recommend.

I have many pictures. I was sent home with leftover cans of Guinness. I don't drink but I've always kinda wanted to try one. Perhaps some drunken posting my near future?

Anyway, sleep calls. Bath then sleep. Damn, tiny shower stalls at the hotel.
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Ok... I think I'm packed. I know I packed too much, like always, and I'm sure I've forgotten something, like always.

I'm going to leave in the morning. Just going to take a nice, long, leisurely drive down to San Diego since I don't have to be there by a set time. No deadlines. Though, I do plan to get there before my roommates are asleep. Should get in around, I dunno, 7-ish?

I did have an experience that I'm going to consider positive today. I logged in to Warcraft today only to check my mail. No desire to play, haven't played in about a month. So, that's cool. I don't know that I've quit the game but, eh, for now I'm not feeling it.

Sadly, it turns out that I might as well have taken a plane. I mean, I knew gas was going to be expensive. But, I totally didn't consider parking. I mean, I knew it was going to cost something but, holy crap, $20 a night! $120 just for parking. I guess I should be thankful. We just got bumped to a different hotel. Same distance to the Con but $2 a day cheaper for parking. Still, weepings!

Next year, I'll have to go ahead and take a chance of a long, flaming fall to my demise and take a plane. I don't like flying. Then again, maybe next year I'll have money and insane gas and parking prices won't hurt as bad. Or, make I can take the train. Trains are neat.

Anyway, probably my last post before I hit the road in the morning. I hope everyone who's going has a safe trip.
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Now that Avatar is over, help me out. What is the best show on TV now, Chowder or The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack?

Just about ready for the trip to Comic Con. If you're interested, I'll be at an ever-moving somewhere-point between one end of the convention center and the other. Stop by and say hi.

Good news! I found my Ralph's card.
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Taking the last of my free sample antibiotics today. My ear feels pretty much back to normal. No more pain but it does feel sort of stuffed up sometimes. I'm just hoping I don't get yet another ear infection.

Oh and guess what, Comic Con is next week. Stress...


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