Dark Knight

Aug. 2nd, 2008 05:30 pm
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I finally saw it. It was really good. Everyone played their roles very well. It wasn't too over the top like the old Batman's or even the last Batman and the crazy, what was it? Water magnet thing on a train? Uh, ok.

The only problems I had were that it was just this close to having too much jammed into it. Twist after twist after twist. I was thinking 'this has to end at some point, right?' But, all the twists were enjoyable, so it wasn't really bad at all. It was just kinda, sorta getting to that 'oh, c'mon' suspension of disbelief cutoff point for me, you know?

The other problem was the lack of blood. I know, ratings and all that. But, when you have that much violence the lack of any blood is just kinda jarring. It's not that I want bloody violence in my Batman movies. I actually don't. It's just that when a director goes for a more realistic violence but -- I've watched Cops. Some one gets punched in the face there's going to be at least a little blood. I'm not looking for Riki-Oh-gore-fest-blood-splatter but if Batman is going to launch his arm spikes into some one they are going to bleed.

I do realize they probably had to do it to avoid an R rating. I know. Harder to push Happy Meal toys from a movie kids aren't supposed to be seeing. Though I can't help but notice the kids in the Happy Meal and other Batman toys commercials aren't 13 either.

But, yeah, all told, I really enjoyed it. The problems above were pretty minor.

Too bad about Heath Ledger. Other people have already gone on about how great he was in this film and I agree. So, I'll just leave it at that. Oscar worthy? Yeah, I think it was. But, now they have a Joker problem. I can't help but wonder if Mark Hamill could pull it off in a live action movie. I know he's no spring chicken now and he rarely does any acting anymore other than his amazing voice work. But, jeez, he does the Joker voice and laugh so damn well. ^_^;

Then again, I have a hard time picturing him playing the new movie Joker. It just doesn't work in my head. Of course, that's the reaction I had when I found out Jack Nicholson was going to play the Joker in the first Tim Burton Batman film way back when. Or freakin Michael Keaton as Batman for that matter. ... Jeez, can you believe that film is almost twenty years old now?

Anyway, to sum up, The Dark Knight was a good movie.


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