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How wonderful. My Mt. Olive Pickle Pak Kosher Dill Petites came with a surprise inside. After eating most of it, I noticed what I thought was a bit of pickled leaf of some sort bunched up at the bottom of the cup. I investigated further with my fork and discovered it was actually a pickled winged insect of some sort. Whats left of it looks to have a stinger so maybe it's a bee or wasp. Kinda hard to tell at this point. I was trying to eat light today. Doubt I'll have any trouble not eating now. Bleh.

It was probably a freak accident. It's not like it's poison or anything though it's probably good not being allergic to whatever is in that stinger. I really liked pickles though and now I don't know if I do anymore. I doubt a bug will put me off pickles but I think I'll avoid this brand.

I tried calling the company but couldn't get in touch with anyone. So I had to use their email form. There was no 'complaint' option so I had to submit it as a 'general question.' I dunno. I think if you find something like this in your food you should have a way to talk to some one about it.

Anyway, if you want to be grossed out here's the photos. I uploaded them so I can send them to the company.

[ profile] doronjosama, yeah, what is it with me and food? I do seem to have some great luck, huh?


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