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But, the snow is ash, the sky is piss yellow and the sun is red. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Also, breathing smoke for the better part of a month now, I find myself out of breath more often. Just walking up the stairs to my apartment winds me. And, there's no end in sight.

Also, going to the doctor's today because I have a painful ear infection AGAIN. This time in the other ear. Did I tell you about the black blood from the last one? It was pretty nasty.

So, yeah, things are just great here.

Edit: Well, whaddaya know? We're on the front page of
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There was a trailer for The Tale of Despereaux. It looked OK, I guess, but what impressed me was the reaction of the kids in the theater. From the sound of it, they all had read the book (I'd actually never heard of it) and knew who Despereaux was.

I love to see evidence that kids actually still read. I know kids read before them but, you know, I think the Harry Potter books did the world a lot of good. I don't know of any statistics but it sure seems kids have been reading a lot more since.

In other news, we actually had blue skies here yesterday and last night I could see the stars. But, this morning the smoke is back and as bad as ever.


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