Calm down.

Apr. 29th, 2009 10:39 am
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Posted this on my twitter today,

"If I wasn't so against censorship I'd say there aught to be a law against news channels trying to incite panic to drive up ratings."

Yeah, this swine flu thing? Overblown. At least, at the moment. There is no reason for this to be such a big news story right now. Hell, there's barely any reason for this to be a news story at all. Swine flu is just the flu. You know, Influenza? The virus that kills around 500,000 people around the world every single year? Yeah, that one. Same thing, just a bit different in it's genetic structure. Normally only found in pigs but it does sometimes infect humans.

Like it did in 1976 when the vaccine for swine flu killed more people than the flu itself.

I mention that not because I'm against vaccines. I'm very much for vaccines. I think parents who aren't getting their children vaccinated now-a-days are on the bottom rungs of the stupid ladder (the lowest rung being 'too stupid to remember to keep breathing'). I mention it because needless panic makes people stupid.

Speaking of vaccines, they're not even sure yet, but you're annual flu shot might even protect you from swine flu already, though they are developing a swine flu vaccine too.

Currently, swine flu has been reported to be milder than the usual Influenza that goes around this time of year. Most people get better with out needing medication. This isn't some world-ending super virus here to wipe out all of humanity. It's just the flu and the flu annually kills a lot of people.

Now, if swine flu starts spreading faster than normal old Influenza and or becomes more lethal then it's a news story. Currently though, it's only a news story to make people panic and stay glued to their TVs as much as possible.

See also: Bird flu, SARS, etc.
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Be honest. Do you really think the polls would be as close as they are between Obama and McCain if Obama were white, had a first name like 'John' or 'Robert' and had a last name that wasn't mostly vowels?

My country, so often you disgust me.


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