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I've lost enough weight that I can now wear my new Scott Pilgrim shirt. So, that's awesome. Down twenty two pounds since Comic Con. Twenty eight pounds down from my highest weight this year. Twenty pounds more and maybe I'll be able to wear my old Scott Pilgrim shirt.

Sad part is I still have fifty pounds to go to get back down to the healthy-ish weight I got too several years ago. Hard to believe I let myself gain so much back. Ah, well.

What also sucks is fact that the better a food is for you the more it costs. So, a job would be very nice so I can afford to feed myself right. Something promising in that dept. on Monday.

Also, my Twitter account is Epers. You know, just so you know or whatever.
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Everyone else was jumping off the bridge so I got a Twitter account. It's Epers because jackasses were squatting on every cool name I could think off and they were also squatting on crappy names like Eddieperkins and Atomicpanda.

In fact, Twitter squatting seems to be an even more 'in' thing to do than actually using Twitter. Seems most people get a name and then say nothing.

Sort of like me. Now that I have an account I can't think of any reason to actually use it. Even if I were smart enough to figure out how to make Twitter posts automatically show up on LJ too like some people do... Who'd want to read... I mean, my Twitter would probably be like:

"I just ate a sleeve of fig newtons. They were whole grain so I only hate myself a little more."

"I probably should have paid rent yesterday or the day before."

"My toenails are getting too long."

"I got a good deal on soap a few minutes ago."

I mean, fascinating, right?

Ah well, doesn't matter anyway since I seem to have forgotten my Twitter password and can't seem to get them to send me the reset instructions.


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