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The problem is, when you say a comic or comic line is 'for girls' you're also saying it's 'not for boys.' You're limiting your audience. Reminds me of Japanese comic shops where you have the male comics on one side and the female comics, nearly all bound in pink, on the other side. And, unless you want people to think you're a weirdo, you don't shop in the section not geared to your sex.

In Japan, this can work. The comic industry is huge. Seems like everyone reads comics. But here, the comic market is tiny. If you cut off part of your potential audience you're shooting yourself in the foot. Consider the popularity of Japanese comics brought over here. Many when translated are stripped of their original pink or not pink covers and released just as plain ol' comics. Boys will read them and girls will read them and if the comic is well done with a good story and good art it will be popular with both girls and boys or one or the other.

The solution is, companies need to look for, be able to recognize and be willing to publish quality comic books. There have been many comics that have been successful with a large female and male audience. Books like, I dunno, Bone or Scott Pilgrim come to mind. To me, it seems, these books tend to focus on the characters and have engaging stories. I know when I was a teen reading X-men I was more interested in characters and character interaction than I was in how small they could make Phylock's costume or what new growly sound Wolverine would make when attacking some one. Eventually, there just wasn't enough story and character and I stopped reading the series.

I think comic companies underestimate their audience. So much seems to be boobs and violence. There's nothing necessarily wrong with boobs and violence. To each their own. But, there's no reason, other than lack of talent or just plain laziness, why even lowly booby comics can't have interesting, well written characters and stories. I know many women who really liked some of the Marvel mutant books like X-men and New Mutants because they liked the interesting characters and the good stories. Just like I know many males, like myself, who like comics like Kimmie66 and maybe more would have read them if they weren't marketed as "For girls."

Basically, I guess I'm saying, make good comics and market them to people.


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