Oct. 13th, 2008 11:06 am
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I gotta say, when The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy was good it was freaking awesome. I watched a marathon of the show last night. Somehow I managed to miss the show through most of it's run. I only caught bits here and there and always thought it was pretty ok. But, good lord, there were moments of pure brilliance in the marathon. I just about fell off the couch during the bit were Mandy sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow and then tries to smile at the end.

I went ahead and watched the Underfist special after the marathon. Eh. It started, like, freaking bad ass and then kinda wandered. If it's going to be an on-going show, I dunno. I think there's only so much Fred Fred Burger a person can take.

I then watched the first episode of Clone Wars that I've managed to catch. Eh... yeah, it's ok. It looks neat. Not any worse than than the prequels. Better, to be honest. Problem is, the more of a good guy they make Anakin the harder it is to believe he becomes Darth Vader. Also, it just doesn't seem possible that this Ahsoka (worst Japanese inspired Star Wars name ever) character could have existed in the time line unless she was only around for, I dunno, a couple months.

I don't mind her character that much. Her design though... She seems to be almost entirely eyeballs and lips. Still-images of her didn't seem bad but something about her animated. Also, a tube top? Really? She's, what, 9? 10? Not that I'm a prude or anything but, I guess, it just bugs me that so often male characters, especially in sci-fi or fantasy settings, wear lots of armor and the female characters wear as little as possible. Which is fine except that it happens all the time, you know? It's so cliché. Besides, in the movies, the padawan all seem to be dressed in typical Jedi type robes. The other Togruta female Jedi we know of, Shaak Ti, (yes, I had to look these names up. I'm not as much of a Star Wars fan as this post is probably making me sound) wears robes. So, other than ratings, is there any reason why this preteen needs to be tarted up?

Anyway, just wasting time.


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