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So far I've got it narrowed down to Lunarpages or Hostgator. Not too thrilled with either choice. Problem I'm having is so many host sites say they don't allow nudity. Not talking porn here, they list that too, nudity. Apparently, I'll need to Photoshop burqas on all my pin-up art in order to have my site hosted. What century is this again?

Then, of course, there's the hosts that say things like 'no adult content' or 'no pornography' and I have to wonder who makes that call. Who decides what porn or adult content is? When I have to pay for a whole year or more of web hosting in advance I don't want some prude deciding an artistic nude or a cheesecake pin-up is porn, shutting down my site and keeping all my money. Every host site I've seen so far has felt shady enough to pull crap like this.

Why do all web host pages have to look so sleazy-- Sleazy probably isn't the right term. So... like I use them. Haven't had a problem with them. But, their overblown main page wouldn't make me trust them. Never would have used them if they hadn't been referred to me by a friend.

I mean, look at it. Links and just crap everywhere. Nothing straightforward. Asterisks on damn near every price, link and claim (which to me says "Actually, we're lying. Get ready to bend over.") Like I said, I actually do business with them and haven't had any problems. 'Book by it's cover' sort of thing, I guess.

I guess I'll give it some more time. I've wasted too much of one of my few days off this week on this annoying crap. Who knows, maybe my site will come back up. I don't know what happened to the host after all. And it's not like it's any huge loss for it to be down for a few days since, honestly, the bulk of my online presence isn't there anyway. It's on DA or here or my art blog. has slowly just turned into a place that links all these other sites of mine together.

Anyway, I probably should give up on it today. So much to do. You know, like maybe get cleaned up and possibly eat something now that it's already 3:30pm.


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